"The 500-Foot Club"

The twenty-three sluggers listed below are the only ballplayers in baseball history confirmed to have hit home runs five-hundred foot or further.  definitive accounts of these herculean home runs can be found in baseball's ultimate power: ranking the all-time distance home run hitters  by bill jenkinson.  the names below are presented in approximate order of overall slugging power.


Babe Ruth
Jimmie Foxx
Mickey Mantle
Dick Allen
Frank Howard
Mark McGwire
Willie Stargell
Harmon Killebrew
Reggie Jackson
Willie McCovey
Josh Gibson
Ted Williams
Greg Luzinski
Dave Kingman
Adam Dunn
Dick Stuart
Wally Post
Sammy Sosa
Joe Adcock
Lou Gehrig
Luke Easter
Cecil Fielder
Bob Cerv
Carl Yastrzemski